F1 HealthIT's optimization programs will help you provide better care and maximize returns on your healthcare IT investments.
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F1 Revenue Cycle 

Each component of the revenue cycle offers continuous opportunities for optimization.


Your EHR workflows should provide increased ROI year after year, and this requires critical assessment of your workflows and adoption of innovative industry best-practices.


F1's revenue cycle experts will conduct a thorough case analysis of your workflows, system configuration, and automated processes, recommend valuable changes, and implement seamless new processes to bolster the financial health of your organization. Ask about our programs. 

Fine-Tune Your Billing Office

How much does your revenue cycle cost you each year?

  • Consolidate hospital and professional billing office to streamline self-pay process

  • Automate financial assistance, self-pay discount, pending Medicaid, and charity workflows to reduce staffing costs, decrease AR days, and reduce bad debt

  • Increase patient satisfaction with a single statement and targeted self-pay assistance

  • Optimize WQ design to improve office productivity and staff happiness

Simplify Patient Payments

How painful is it for patients to pay for care?

  • Maximize patient portal adoption to simplify payment collection 

  • Make it convenient to pay - accept more payment methods and pre-register patients to increase pre-care payments

  • Differentiate your organization with transparent pre-care price estimates for patients 

  • Increase point-of-service collections by simplifying your front desk payment collection workflows and reporting on collection metrics

  • Increase revenue by reducing AR and bad debt

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F1 Clinical 

Patient care is the reason your providers show up to work each day. Your EHR should help, not hinder, your providers.


Our EHR experts work alongside your clinical stakeholders to improve patient outcomes, help manage your populations, and reduce the EHR burden on providers.


Implement the latest value-based care processes to eliminate CMS penalties and maximize revenue generation. Research shows that happy physicians produce happier and healthier patients, and F1 will help you offer your providers the most elegant and effective workflows available.

Care for the Whole Patient

Can your providers understand the full

patient story, inside and outside the hospital?

  • Transition patients from inpatient to outpatient and pull information from other organizations

  • Reduce re-admissions with proactive management of chronic conditions and medication compliance

  • Prepare for value-based models by managing patient populations and reporting actionably 

  • Get your providers on the same page - give your providers what they need when they need it

  • Review and update your clinical decision support functionality

Value Your Documentation

How much does your documentation cost,

and how much revenue does it provide?

  • Reduce wasted time by streamlining clinical documentation workflows

  • Increase revenue by making it easy to document additional care

  • Decrease denials with more accurate DRGs, procedure authorizations, and admission notifications

  • Capitalize on value-based models with targeted initiatives that use analytics to design better workflows

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Patient Access

Your patients should have easy access to care. Scheduling and Registration are likely the first point of contact for your organization, and you only get one chance to make a first impression.


We'll work closely with your clinic managers and scheduling offices to optimize provider schedules and referral workflows. Efficient schedules reduce wasted time and help your providers care for patients who need it most.


When configured properly, patient portals reduce the burden on providers and office staff. Your patients will appreciate the convenience of autonomy.

Increase Provider Efficiency

Do your providers see the right

patients at the right times?

  • Maximize provider utilization with efficient templates and consolidated visit types

  • Reduce time to next available appointment with more efficient utilization

  • Increase revenue and simplify scheduling by increasing internal referrals

  • Reduce missed appointments with appointment reminders, auto-dialing, and wait list notifications

  • Increase overall revenue by ensuring all potential visits, orders, and procedures are scheduled

  • Manage populations more effectively with proactive appointment reminders for patients who need follow-up or annual care

Make it Easy for Patients

Do your patients enjoy their experience with you?

  • Increase patient autonomy and convenience with patient portal scheduling and wait list notifications

  • Increase patient satisfaction and visit volume with e-visits 

  • Reduce scheduling and registration staff with patient portal scheduling and registration

  • Create a more seamless experience for patients with efficient referral workflows that reduce scheduling lead times